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Villa Isnard

Note: privately owned, is open only from the outside.


Villa steep roofs in drops of black slate, has long, narrow windows and a central tower that gives the appearance of an old manor.
The villa is owned by the rich heiress Marie Isnard M.me French who, after marrying the wealthy Florentine Aurelio Bianchi, had it built in the early twentieth century in Tuscany transferring an architectural genre typical of the Riviera.
It was attended only by noble families and important, including the young Giuseppe Cei (perhaps the lover of the lady) that he attended flight school in Paris and became a pioneer of aeronautics, although the sport in 1911 cost him his life.
The house is now abandoned and the owner lives in Nice Emile Isnard. The renovation of the roof, which occurred in February of 1998, have resurrected the old ghost stories and legends.
It tells of a large chestnut tree that stood near the White House, whose branches were the soul of a member of the Bianchi family at night frightened passers-by.
It is also said of a wall that divided the two houses and was built during the day, was found shot the next morning, we finally also tells of strange episodes that occurred within the two villas, with scary noises, and furniture moved that troubled life tenants.