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Ulisse Dini
Ulisse Dini (Pisa, November 14, 1845 – Pisa, October 28, 1918) was an Italian mathematician and politician.

A pupil of Enrico Betti and continuation of his research, completed his training in Paris under the leadership of Charles and Joseph Louis François Bertrand Hermite.

Appointed professor at the University of Pisa in 1886, also participated in the Italian political life, becoming the first Member of Parliament, then a Senator in 1892.

He was among the first Italian mathematicians who understood the need to revise the calculus according to a more rigorous approach, also achieved important results in the study of the series, the integration of complex functions and series of functions Developability arbitrarily given a range, its main field of interest.

Very important theorem that, in Italy, takes its name, indicating some sufficient conditions for a function of real variable expressed in implicit form, F (x, y) = 0 can be locally written in explicit form y = f (x )

It gives its name to the mathematics department of the University of Florence, located near the University-Hospital Viale Morgagni, and the department of applied mathematics’ University of Pisa.


  • Foundations for the theory of functions of real variables, (Pisa, T. Nistri, 1878).
  • Lessons calculus, (Pisa, T. Nistri, 1907-1915).
  • Fourier series and other representations of analytic functions of one real variable (Pisa, T. Nistri, 1880)