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Cristiano Militello (Pisa, 10 August 1968) is an Italian television personality.


It is an actor, comedian, television presenter and radio. He holds a degree in Political Science and lives in Milan.
Trained at the School of Theatre of Bologna, flows into the Tuscan group of comedians headed to broadcast fresh paint, first, and fresh air, then, conducted by Carlo Conti.
Militello has gained fame by collecting, in 5 books, the banners of the most enjoyable stages.
Posted outside the stadiums of the satirical news Channel 5 news Strip since 2004, every Monday – in heading the cult Strip Banner-assembles and comments on the banners and pictures of the curiosities of the funniest Italian curves and fields, interspersed with hilarious interviews with fans before and after the game.
Since 2006, the book includes all down to earth, or simulations of the best players in football the previous day. And since 2008, in an area on Saturday, said the oddities in the football world.
‘Strip the banner’ for 5 years – audience data to hand and not on the national team – the appointment "football" most popular of all Italian TV.
Every day from Monday to Friday of R101, 6 to 10, leading the charge to 101, morning show with Paul Breaker, Sergio Sironi, Sara and Massimo Lopez. Also on R101 to Saturday, from 14 to 15 leads to the ball boys, with Breaker and Sironi, 60 minutes of anecdotes, curiosities, and follies of the world of football.

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