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Castello di Ripoli
Ripoli-Main Street Saint Lucia
Tel 050-719285

Getting there

On the Tuscan-Romagna Riglione take the detour and follow the signs to the Pine St. Sixtus.

Note: special opening on the occasion of European Heritage Days dedicated to the castles and fortresses of Tuscany Military.

The Castello di Ripoli, conquered by the Florentines in 1406, from the second half of the fourteenth century and has the typical structure of the villas and fortified farms, similar to the fortifications of this House. His remains, fairly preserved, unfortunately, are not the object of attention by the authorities responsible for its protection, so that the gap today in place of the original main entrance, is barely visible among the cultivated land and lots for cottages behind the walls. The castle, a square, was set up with four square corner towers also. When it was built incorporating them, strengthen them, an older building tower-like structure, always square and brick. The towers, cut off today, emerged from the height of the walls are limestone of Mount Pisano.