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High tourist

Culture, nature, gastronomy: a seductive mix of ideas and resources.

A microcosm for all seasons and all tastes.
So I’d like to present to a friend who asked me to talk about it, the reality of Pisa and its province.
And I would do it with satisfaction, even with a touch of pride.
Firstly, because it would not be a "spot" undeserved, but the pure truth, and then because the "construction" of a package of offers to stay wide and varied as the present, the province in recent years has believed and worked with conviction absolute.
Aware of the very rich and many tourist vocations in our area. First of all, that is part of the architectural heritage: I am referring to the art cities and villages, of course, but also to churches and villas that are followed from one corner of the provincial borders. A huge and valuable gift, around which the museum has developed a widespread, constantly evolving and innovation.
Culture, as in other centers in Pisa, from largest to smallest (San Miniato, Volterra and gradually all the others), is permanent guest. Not only as art but as an expression in general, "the beautiful": the beautiful and also good.
That it becomes the same show, food and wine in the tradition of Pisa, recently discovered in all its greatness by Italian and foreign visitors, tourism has become a weapon of seduction of the most effective of our repertoire.
A "value added" whose potential is expressed for the benefit of all types of stays (traditional and "new") for which Pisa is known throughout the world: from holiday resorts on the coast of Marina and Tirrenia, farm, by staying thermal spas in San Giuliano, Casciana and olive groves, discover the splendor of the natural park of San Rossore.

Gino Nunes, President of the Province